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The European Airshow Council promotes excellence and safety at airshows



 One of the main groups in the Airshow Business is the different organisers from around the world.




This group forms the second major component of the Airshow industry, the Performers!


Aviation Authorities


They are definitely a key player in ensuring the safety and proper running of Airshows around the world.




The specialist Commentators at Airshows are also very important performers at an Airshow.


Industry, Sponsors


The vital input or financial or operational assistance from a large number of sponsors...

Corporate Entities


Organisations who are involved in the Airshow industry but do not fall within any of these above categories.

Recent Conventions

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Our Team

Passionate and professional display pilots, airshow managers, organisers, directors, and helpful support staff for the European Airshow community.

Gilbert Buekenberghs

"Gilbert is one of the airshow organisers representatives on the EAC Board having successfully organised the Belgian Sanicole International Airshow for some 30 years ."

Charles Skiera

"Charles Skiera Works as Deputy Display Coordinator for the Royal Air Force Waddington International Airshow and is the actual Executive."

Jacques Bothelin

Board Member
"Jacques Bothelin is the Creator and CEO of Apache Aviation. He has been a full time display pilot and team leader since 1982 (Martini, Ecco, Adecco, Breitling)."

Ireneusz Fibingier

Board Member
""Ireneusz “Irek” Fibingier was a member of the Polish Air Force for over 30 years as a flight instructor of the PAF Academy and a member of the two Polish Aerobatic Teams: ISKRY and ORLIK ."

Jörg Thurnheer

Board Member
"Working at the Federal Office of Civil Aviation Switzerland as the responsible inspector for all air shows and special events in Switzerland."

Ed De Bruijn

Board Member
" Ed de Bruijn is Director at Texel Airport and he also organises their Airshow. He is also responsible to the Royal Netherlands Air Force for organising their participation in airshows outside the Netherlands."

Pablo Gonzalez

Board Member
"Pablo is organiser and Director of several airshows in Spain over 11 years, enthusiastic pilot, competitive athlete, and coordinates with Spanish the Air Force several annual actions "

Manolis Karahalios

Board Member
"Capt.Manolis Karahalios was the Hellenic Air Force F-16 Demo Team Commander and the main Display Pilot for 3 display seasons and an operational F-16 instructor pilot."

Joe Ciliberti

Board Member
" President of the Malta Aviation Society for the last 29 years, Joe was also instrumental in the setting up of the Malta Aviation Museum and is a director at Medex Aerospace. ."

James Black

Board Member
"James Black is co-Chair of the European General Aviation Safety Team (EGAST) and Board Member of the European Council for General Aviation Support (ECOGAS)."

Bob Dixon

Board Member
"Bob Dixon was a member of the Royal Air Force for over 30 years and a logistics specialist with a particular interest in transportation, fuels and explosives; leaving the RAF as a colonel."


Here we have our contact form, you can call us too!

EAC Contact

 EAC President
Gilbert Buekenberghs

Mobile: +32 475599199


EAC Executive Director

Charles Skiera

Mobile: +44 7894 725340


EAC Webmaster/Social Networks

Pablo Gonzalez

Mobile: +34 608 883 552


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