Special Seminar:

Fast Jet Solo Display Pilot Safety Meeting


In 2014 during the EAC Convention an inaugural meeting of the European F-16 was held, marking the very first VIPER Display Pilots seminar. Such was the success of this meeting the EAC Board agreed to open the meeting to all current Military Fast Jet display pilots from across Europe.;2015 was the first Pan European meeting with all the pilots from across Europe invited, with the aim of discussing best practice, safety and encouraging the sharing of ideas.

The Solo Display Pilots that attended last year’s seminar were:

  • Belgian Air CommandF-16 Demo Team
    • Captain Renaud “Grat”Thys
    • Captain Tom “Gizmo” De Moortel
  • Czech Air ForceGripen Demo Team
    • First Lieutenant Martin “Jet Lee” Špaček
    • Colonel Jaroslav “Gyro” Mika
  • Hellenic Air ForceZEUS F-16 Demo Team
    • Captain George Androulakis
    • Captain Sotiris Stralis
  • Turkish Air ForceSoloturk F-16 Demo Team
    • Captain Yusuf Kurt
    • Captain Erhan Gunar
  • United Kingdom Royal Air ForceTyphoon Demo Team
    • Flight Lieutenant Jonathan “Jonny” Dowen
    • Flight Lieutenant Ben “Ben” Westoby – Brooks
    • Squadron Leader James “McZ” McMillan
    • Flight Lieutenant Ben “Ben” Westoby – Brooks
    • Squadron Leader James “McZ” McMillan
  • The seminar was mainly focused in the Safety Culture, with an agenda as displayed below:
    • Welcome and Opening
    • Presentation of Participants
    • Purpose and Objective
    • Review of 2014 Viper Meeting
    • Safety Issues
    • Review of Airshow Accidents During FJ Solo Displays 2010 – 2015
  1. Causes
    • Aircraft Specifics

.            Viper

  1. Typhoon
  2. Gripen
    • Supervision
    • Airshow Standards
    • Potential Threats

.            Cameras in the Cockpit

  1. Drones in Display Areas
    • Safety Culture

.            SMS Implementation

    • g.Open Discussion
    • Training Issues
    • Cost
    • Flight Simulator
    • Currency
    • Regulations
    • Display Authorization Status per Country
    • Demo Team Management
    • g.Open Discussion
    • Closing
    • Solo Display Pilot Community Core Values
    • Open DiscussionThe overall feedback from all participants was positive, while the comments were very encouraging and supporting, such as:
    • “Very Relaxed, welcoming and comfortable atmosphere”; “A good idea, well done and thank you”;“Very much enjoyed, great opportunity to meet other Fast Jet pilots and share experiences.”; “Very useful. Thanks for organizing!”