• EAC Convention 2017

    Malta, March, 2017


EAC Convention 2018 will be held in 1-3 March 2018


Antwerp will be the place for 2018 Convention

Fast Jet Solo Display Pilot Safety Workshop

Now in its fourth year, the meeting offers a chance for Military Fast Jet Display pilots to share information and experience within an open environment. The meeting, originally open only to pilots from the F16 community, was expanded in 2015 to include Typhoon and Mig 29 pilots.  It is a great place to gain an understanding of each other’s operations, monitoring methods and safety mechanisms, whilst understanding individual issues along the way.

Welcome to the 2018 Convention!

From this page you can find all the details of the forthcoming EAC Convention in BELGIUM from 1-3 March 2018.

Convention Fees
Fast Jets Pilots Safety Workshop Marketing Seminar

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