Program 2020



2020 provisional agenda

This is a first outline of the 2020 convention program

Helping Newcomers not to make mistakes Wulfram Cornelius Ger Exec FRIDAY
Media Broadcasting George Bacon UK Exec FRIDAY
Qualities of  Commentator Uwe Ramerth GER Exec FRIDAY
Italian Airshows Alberto Moretti Italy Chair FRIDAY
Safety and Risk Management – UK CAA Paul Sall UK Exec FRIDAY
Formation Decision Making Mike Ling UK Exec FRIDAY
Red Arrows US Tour Adam Collins UK Exec FRIDAY
Sustaibnable Events – Starting a new event in a climate Emergency Amy Furlong UK Exec SATURDAY
The Future of Electric Flight – H55 Project André Borschberg SWI Jorg FRIDAY
Involving Youth in Airshows. Sandor Marton HUG Exec FRI/SAT
Baggotville Airshow – Sustainability Sabrina Girard Can Chair SATURDAY
Female Display Pilot Aude Lemordant France Exec FRIDAY
IMASC / EAC Integration Peter Lepez Belgium Exec FRIDAY
USAF Participation Larry Sc USA Chair SATURDAY
Marketing – The Sanicole project Eugene Loj Canada Chair SATURDAY
Carbon Neutral Display Martin Graef Chair SATURDAY
Czech AF & Extra 300 Ivo Kardos Czech Exec FRIDAY
Female Display Pilot (red Arrows / The Blades) Kirsty Murphy UK Exec FRIDAY
Asian Tour Challenges in a foregin nation Alessandro Scorrano Lat Exec FRI
Silver Spitfire Charles Dubos Switzerland Exec FRI?

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Years working for the community


Delegates and increasing

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