Here you can find all of the presentations made at the previous Annual Conventions; remember that these documents are only for active members of the EAC. Only users who have previously registered and members who have been at the last convention have access to this download section.  Registration is approved by an EAC Admin Board Member and it is only granted to active members.  If you are not logged in, you can do  here; if you do not have account, you can register to create one  here; After you have submitted the registration form, it will be approved if you are a EAC member.   All delegates who attend an Annual Convention are considered to be EAC members.  If in any doubt please ask us.

EAC Guides

EAC Guide 2017
EAC Guide 2017
Version: 1.0
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Manual Airshow

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EAC Convention 2014

    EAC Convention 2019

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    Nations and increasing


    Years working for the community


    Delegates and increasing

    EAC Convention 2000-Barcelona

    EAC Convention 2001-Hasselt

    EAC Convention 2002-Hasselt

    EAC Convention 2003-Hasselt

    EAC Convention 2004-Hasselt

    EAC Convention 2005-Hasselt

    EAC Convention 2006-Hasselt

    EAC Convention 2008-Hasselt

    EAC Convention 2009-Hasselt

    EAC Convention 2010-Hasselt

    EAC Convention 2011-Brussels

    EAC Convention 2012-Brussels

    EAC Convention 2013-Antwerp

    EAC Convention 2014-Antwerp

    EAC Convention 2015-Antwerp

    EAC Convention 2016-Malta

    -EAC Convention 2017-Malta

    EAC Convention 2018-Antwerp

    EAC Convention 2019-Athens

    EAC Convention 2020-Brussels

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