The 2017 Convention programme has seen one or two changes since the last newsletter, due to speakers becoming unable to attend and may be subject to further changes as we move closer, due to circumstances beyond our control. you can see the entire newsletter here.

The Norwegian Star Fighter Project

 RAFAT Asian Tour

 Recovering and organisation from a Major Incident

 Transmedia Content For Airshows

 Capturing the Youth of Today for Tomorrow

 Rescue Operations and Airshows

 Displaying Airbus Fly By Wire Aircraft and the A380

 Drone Technology Good and Bad

Assessing The Risk-Plenary Session

 The Polish AEROPACT Concept

 Display Tracking and Flight Safety Software Project

 Human Factors in Airshows

Flying Display Director-The Spanish Military perspective

 Energy Toward the crowd and US Rules

 The Challenges of Sunset Air Displays

 Update from the Fast Jet Display Pilots Seminar.

 Airshows the New Zealand Approach.