The 2017 Convention programme has seen one or two changes since the last newsletter, due to speakers becoming unable to attend and may be subject to further changes as we move closer, due to circumstances beyond our control. you can see the entire newsletter here. The Norwegian Star Fighter Project  RAFAT Asian Tour  […]

Newslettter Eac 2017 You can see the first newsletter of 2017 about the next convention here! The 2017 Programme is now nearly complete and we are pleased to welcome speakers from across the world to the 2017 EAC convention. We have a couple of speakers left to confirm for the convention, however we are pleased […]

EAC NEWSLETTER – DECEMBER 2016 U R G E N T   – DIDN’T YOU FORGET TO REGISTER FOR OUR CONVENTION? In early MARCH 2/3/4, with some courses and welcome reception on March 2 and the convention on March 3 and in the morning of March 3, our EAC convention will take place in MELIEHA, MALTA. […]

REGISTRATION FOR THE CONVENTION MARCH 2017 Registration for Convention will be ready in mid November; Attendance at the convention is by some very simple steps: 1.-First, make a reservation for accommodation with the Hotel.  Reservations must be made directly with the Hotel by each  delegate or group. Do this by simple request to [email protected] . […]

OUR WEBSITE REVIEWED BY BOB DIXON AND PABLO GONZALEZ Please take a look at our website, which has become more dynamic an even accessible on a smartphone; Whatever news you have, send it please to [email protected] OUR NEWSLETTER CAN BE EVEN CONSULTED ON THE SITE AND ON A SMARTPHONE! EAC CONVENTION 2017 – 2/3/4 MARCH […]

EAC NEWSLETTER AUGUST 2016   *SEPTEMBER EDITION WITH 2016 AIRSHOW NEWS AND FIRST PREVIEW ON EAC CONVENTION 2017 WILL BE PUBLISHED ON SEPT 20   CRASH AND DEATH OF SCOTTY WILSON It is as if he spoke to us yesterday: our good friend Scotty Wilson crashed with his splendid Bugatti aircraft in Oklahoma yesterday 06 […]