Welcome at European Airshow Council

  • The European Airshow Council consists of a group of like-minded people that meet each other annually and understand that everyone involved in Airshows should be striving to achieve standards of excellence in their activities.
  • More than 10 years ago the Chairman started to bring people together and his main objective was to exchange ideas and to provide an opportunity to find a common purpose for people involved in Airshows, “because those who criticise are always on the same side of the (safety) rope”.
  •  “Whenever an accident happens, we (organizers and performers) have had no spokesmen and no forum to defend us or to analyse the situation in an objective way; As a result, a situation can arise when a would-be spokesman, who generally does not know what Airshows are about, will give misleading information to the Media. Don’t we all try to reach high levels of quality in what we do? Aren’t we all afraid that a mistake by one of us could be the end of Airshows? Reducing the risks to zero is, of course, one of the objectives of our professional approach to organising and performing at Airshows, but a zero level of risk is probably not realistic. It is important to understand that an accident should not stop all our efforts to entertain a public that is very interested in aviation.”
  • “We therefore suggest that we, organisers and performers, all have to work together on an international scale with our national military and civil authorities, because we are all in the same boat. How this is organised, with which budget, with which people, with which objectives, are still some of the questions of today”.

What is the EAC’s mission and who should attend?

  • The aim of the EAC is to “Promote excellence and safety at Airshows”
  • The EAC Board has a Chairman from Belgium and Board members from France, Greece, Malta, The Netherlands, Switzerland, Spain, Poland and the UK.
  • The European Airshow Council is open to everyone involved in the Airshow world including Display pilots, Performers, Organizers, Military and Civil Authorities.

Representatives from 32 nations
More of 250 members
More of ten years working

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The European Airshow Council promotes excellence and safety at airshows

  • Organisers

    GilbertOne of the main groups in the Airshow Business is the different organisers from around the world.

  • Performers

    breitling3This group forms the second major component of the Airshow industry, the Performers!

  • Aviation Authorities

    autoritiesThey are definitely a key player in ensuring the safety and proper running of Airshows around the world.

  • Commentators

    commentatorThe specialist Commentators at Airshows are also very important performers at an Airshow

  • Industry,Sponsors

    industryThe vital input or financial or operational assistance from a large number of sponsors…

  • Corporate Entities

    corporateOrganisations who are involved in the Airshow industry but do not fall within any of these above categories.