Dieter Thomas

The Board of the EAC has lost one of its original Members who was an enthusiastic founder and supporter of the European Airshow Council when it became a more formal organisation meeting annually in Belgium.  Dieter Thomas participated in the early meetings that decided to make “Safety and Excellence at Airshows” the central theme of the new multi-national Airshow organisation.  With his enormous experience as a test and display pilot, Dieter was an important member of the Board and he played a full part in setting the objectives and ethics of the EAC.  An active Board Member he also was a forthright and clear speaker at the annual Conventions and his contribution to discussions amongst all delegates earned great respect.  In recent years Dieter stood down from the duties of Board Member but continued to give technical advice and support. His many friends and admirers within the world of airshows will miss his mischievous and infectious sense of humour and his willingness to help and advice to those who were less experienced than himself.